The Real Reason For A Lack of Desire

...And The 6 Step Solution To Reconnecting Again!

 "How can women, married to men, increase their desire?"

So many married women tell me that getting in the mood without it feeling like a chore is tough, especially when busy, exhausted, touched-out or just plain hormonal.

But there is a REALISTIC way to reconnect physically without feeling pressured, stressed or broken.


This free class shows married women how to:

Get "in the mood" whenever they'd like.

Increase their enjoyment of the experience.

See that there is nothing wrong with them!

Get their husband to take the pressure off.

Feel better about their body.

Learn what they do and don't like.

Still not sure? Listen to these ladies...

"I felt so heard and seen. Thank you!"

"Janna is so relatable. I love how real she is!"

"I thought I was alone... like I was defective. Now I know that this is “normal” and absolutely can be changed for the better."

"Lots of head nodding throughout this whole thing!"

"Janna created a warm & welcoming environment to discuss difficult topics."

"I appreciate how honest, clear, and to the point Janna is!"

"One of the only "therapy" type things I've ever attended that gave me a sense of hope and ownership."

"Janna explained hard to approach and awkward feelings in a way that didn't feel icky or uncomfortable."