The Real Reason for a Lack of Desire & the 6 Step Solution to Reconnecting Again

"How can married women increase their desire?"

So many married women tell me that getting in the mood without it feeling like a chore is tough, especially when busy, exhausted, touched-out or just plain hormonal.

But there is a REALISTIC was to reconnect physically without feeling pressured, stressed or broken.


The free class shows married women how to:

Get "in the mood" whenever they'd like.

Increase their enjoyment of the experience.

See that there is nothing wrong with them!

Get their husband to take the pressure off.

Feel better about their body.

Learn what they like and don't like.



Janna Denton-Howes is an Intimacy Coach who has helped hundreds of married women increase their desire and transform their relationships.

She speaks from personal experience so she knows exactly what it feels like to rather sleep, read a good book or even do housework than try to drum up some desire!

She'll NEVER tell women to "just do it" so make sure to join the webinar to learn what to do instead.



Here's what others are saying...

"Janna normalizes the sexual experience and creates a comfortable environment for women to learn and share about intimacy. She truly cares about each person's marriage! She is not someone who is "greater than" or some "uppity sexual goddess" (haha) she is a normal woman who also struggled sexually in her marriage, and is now sharing her wisdom with others in hopes of bringing about a sexual revolution in our culture."

"Janna is an earnest, open, knowledgable, bubbly, warm-hearted person. She gives suggestions without snark and truly doesn't judge. I don't know anyone better to guide women through the emotional, difficult, and confusing goal of revolutionizing their sex lives."

"Janna is incredibly encouraging and supportive while still being firm and uncompromising. She gives you permission to feel afraid and to mess up, but cheers you on as you stumble on towards a better sex life, and a better marriage!"